The Past

London Media RUFC was formed approximately 30 years ago by a group of lads who worked in the Media industry.

The group had played together for a year or so at Osterley Rugby Club, and eventually decided to form a club of their own based in central London, using all their contacts in the media industry to build a team… who would have believed that after all those years we would now be putting out three teams and the original lads would still be playing!

The first ‘official’ match as London Media RUFC resulted in a 4-0 victory against the mighty Feltham RFC. Since then London Media have led a fairly nomadic existence, involving a number of temporary pitches in South and West London, before landing at our ‘spiritual’ home, Battersea Park.

The Present

The ethos of the club is to have fun, both on and off the pitch, with all monies raised throughout the year going towards subsidising our annual rugby tour.

To date we have played against Cuba, The Cayman Islands, The Durban (SA) Harlequins, Helsinki, Kiev, Lithuania, Estonia, Ghent, Dublin, Ajax Amsterdam, Porto University, Frascati RFC, even making the finals of the Barcelona 7’s amongst numerous other tours that fade in the memory, as any of you who have toured with a rugby club before would be able to empathise with.

Tour shirts are a must

This year we are yet to decide our tour location, and we’re in the process of devising plans to take a team to South America… though in fairness we’ve been trying to do that for the past 10 years!

Tour of Ukraine

The Future…

As to the future, that depends entirely on the current crop of players, but with an experienced power base of forwards, and a dynamic group of young ‘pencil necks’ the future looks rosy.

Anyone wishing to join a club that places an emphasis on a players social (drinking) skills as much as their rugby ability, then get in contact and play your part in keeping the social fabric of the club intact, and simultaneously taking the club upwards and onward through the Surrey Leagues.

Flamingos F.C. Re-incarnation?

Tour of Rome

Flamingos F.C. re-incarnate?

Modern London Media may have a lot to thank the Flamingoes F.C. team who played Rugby in Battersea Park in 1866-77 before supplying modern day Harlequins RFC with players.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

The Flamingoes was a 19th-century rugby football club that was notable for being one of the twenty-one founding members of the Rugby Football Union. 

The Flamingoes were founded in 1866 and played in Battersea Park. In the first season (1866–67), along with the other Hospitals, West Kent, and Clapham Rovers they were already deemed a major fixture for the St Mary’s Hospital RFC.

In eery similarities, they also enjoyed a few beers in the Lighthouse pub.

Pink kit for next year… anyone?

Early tactics